Is it raining? No! It’s not!

I have a course team! And a brand new project that will defeat all previous projects!

What is this new project’s name, you ask?


It’s not raining

The names might be just a working title, it was kind of a joke

Original photo from Fabrizio Angius (CC BY-NC-ND)

And, like in the photo above, our project will not have not a single drop of rain.

What it will have is a fun browser-based game that will not use any kind of plug-in because if Adobe and Oracle don’t even care for the support for their products, why should we? (Well, in fact, even if they did, we wouldn’t use them. Nobody uses them now. Nobody wants to).

The game will, basically, be a platformer with timer and a number of obstacles and maybe enemies. The score will be stored in an online leaderboard. We talked about maybe doing some drag-n-drop technology so we could let the players design their levels, and then compete with their friends and stuff. They could even download a level to text translation and share it with their friends.

My partners for the development for this new project are:

Let’s hope everything goes well.

Miguel A. Montoya
Esperanto Enthusiast