So… Quality of Software – PreMortem

YAY! A new course with Ken!
YAY! A new category for this kind of abandoned blog! I’m so bad at writing blogs. Well, at least now I’m using Grammarly, so at least I will write with less orthographic and grammar errors. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Side-note: I really do recommend installing Grammarly in your browser, especially if you aren’t a native English speaker and are trying to learn. Especially because, at least, I have discovered some little things that could improve my text and I didn’t notice before. Continuing…

So, like in the Security Class, I will try to write what do I think I know about Quality and Software Testing.

  • I know testing and Quality Assurance are processes, not just a thing that you can check at the end of the project. You have to monitor the development from the start.
  • I guess QA is more focused on error prevention and testing is involved in the evaluation of the project.
  • There are concepts for QA such as the bugs log (Or something like that), that is made at the start of the project. It records possible bugs and problems one might encounter and the how-to proceed. That is why I think QA is more focused on prevention.
  • Testing involves much more than simply checking if the code compiles or if it can run with the expected conditions/inputs. In fact, it’s quite an extensive process. So big that there are masters degrees in software testing.
  • I know I don’t know the difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control. I fact, I think QC is more related to testing. But Again, I don’t know.

And that’s it. At least that’s what I think I know. As always, I might discover that I already knew some stuff but I didn’t connect the information with this topic (Didn’t remember).

Now I can write what I expect of this course and what I would like to learn. This is more difficult than what one might think because apart from the things I wrote, I think I really know nothing more.

I hope to learn to produce a project how Alan Turing ‘ol mighty wanted us to. That is, with the proper procedures and steps to make sure I deliver a project with quality. Because, what is the point of working if at the end I deliver crap?

Maybe go trough: What is in fact software “quality”? What is good code? What is good design? And what is the difference between QA, QC, and testing?

And what do I expect of this course?

I know that I’m not a good blogger. I consider myself a quiet dude, craving for knowledge but not good at asking questions (Or answering, even if I know the answer). I’m not the type of person that would usually go to the teacher’s office. I really am a Pavlovian dog, with my classical conditioning, bells and saliva (Iugh) And I’m so afraid of failure that I often forget it’s essential in the process of growing.

So everything that is involved in a Ken course it’ s difficult for me… Except for the part of learning a lot by ourselves. I really like that one. But I hope to learn and improve myself. I really do.

And, that’s it. I think this was a really nice starting blog. I’m kinda proud of it. I will try make sure to continue this way.

Miguel Montoya
Esperanto enthusiast.