Well, now into some Graphing basics. I’ve done the MIT exercises that Ken previously had shown us. You should know, dear reader, that my art it’s just going to be as good as that bear of the Flickr artist Orin Zebest ( ;-; )

As always, my code can be found on GitHub. This time just one class, the DrawGraphics, was modified, because the objective of this activity was mainly to teach how to insert objects into the drawing surface, how do the parameters work and how to animate an object. Further I’ve revised the code of the other two classes, it is very similar to previous work I’ve done in Python or JavaScript, so nothing scary there.

Now, here it is the code:

Screenshot from 2016-04-03 23-48-24.png

And the result (OMG a gif!)


You know how to get in touch, I hope…

Like a dear YouTuber would say (Jake Roper Vsauce3’s host):

“But remember my dear friend: Its not good-bye, oh no, its never good-bye, its see you later (you’re pretty darn awesome)”

flickr photo by orinrobertjohn obtained under a Creative Commons (BY)