Late TODO – Week 14

Okay, so this week is movie production week! Yay, I guess. It means we are mostly done.

I still owe a level. I’m getting into it. But the most important thing this week is to develop our promotional video. Decide what to include and what to tell. And yeah…


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OMG I did it! – Security Blog #6

Okay, so I’ve been so proud this last 2 weeks because I finally got a -more than- decent score in LastPass Security Challenge. The first time I took the quiz I had more than 40 sites (There were more of them, but I already had the duplicate/same domain configuration working), and I obtained a well deserved 12%, in the lowest 7%, but at least my Master Password was excellent (At least something wasn’t horribly wrong).

“pw_xato-net_02-06” by Mark Burnett (CC Taken from

Now, I can truly be proud to say that after some heavy work I got, after inserting 5 new sites, a 96%. This puts my account in the top 1% of Last Pass users. YAY!

So,  it was really a heavy task to change the passwords of almost 50 sites. It was really horrible and exhausting (Maybe because I tried to all of the necessary changes in one sitting). But I can share some stuff I’ve learned to the rest of the world:

  • Last Pass offers a method that automatically changes your password in the supported sites (Usually it only works with the big ones). I found that method extremely ineffective. It takes what feels like years, to let the program found the adequate buttons, text fields and then generate the password. I don’t know why did this happen. Maybe because I have some pages in Spanish and Esperanto, and the program failed to find the buttons (if the method is made using the value of the button and not the ID, or something like that).
    I mean. My problem was with the time it took to accomplish those tasks. Not that it didn’t work. I don’t have any problem leaving Last Pass to change your password in the background while you do something else. Then there isn’t any con for you. (Remember that you will need to manually select each site that you wish to auto-change).
  • Manually changing your passwords was a pain in the butt… sometimes. Why? Because of three reasons.
    1. Sometimes, Last Pass doesn’t detect the new password fields. So how can I take advantage of the password generator, if it doesn’t appear where I need it to be. I then need to use the generate password feature in the extension button of the explorer.  Which is, in fact, the second reason.
    2. If you have the necessity of using the “generate password” inside the extension button, and if you want to write edit the password (Which is a feature you supposedly have), you will suffer. Why? Because the dumb system stores the texts that you have managed to type in. I was going to post a GIF where I showed this ugly implementation, but then I realized that the stored list has passwords that you actually use on some sites! I mean, if supposedly Last Pass is trying to make me use different passwords for each account, then don’t show me my used passwords. But specifically, don’t store them in a list that impedes the insertion of a new password to test or the generation and tweaking of a different one. So I encourage you to try this by yourself so you can actually understand.
      The problem is that instead of letting the user write a new password to test, it will change the value of the field to the stored text in the list (I sincerely don’t know how I managed to get those in) that starts with the key you just typed, like a form.
      And if you manage to actually make Last Pass stop changing your text, you can only add more characters to the end of the string. You can’t move the text cursor somewhere else because, bad luck, it will change the entire string that it’s being displayed.
      And after that, if you think that that password you have would fit your needs, then, good luck copying that into the reset password field (Remeber that you only got here because, from the start, Last Pass didn’t detect that you were actually trying to change the password). Because when you release the ctrl+c keys, Last Pass will change the text to the string that starts with c in the list. And your clipboard will still remain empty, and your perfect password lost.
    3. Okay, so let’s say that Last Pass actually detected you are changing your password. And let’s say that you manage to generate a new one, either automatically (Without even touching a thing), or semi-automatically (Giving the generator some parameters). Sometimes, after you click the update password button in the site, Last Pass will prompt you to update also the entry in your vault. But, this is only sometimes! And how am I to know that if you can detect that new password field for a particular site, doesn’t mean that you will be able to tell if I actually updated the password?!
      If this feature didn’t exist, then I wouldn’t care. But the problem is that sometimes it does work. And it’s beautiful. But when it doesn’t, how am I to update myself the Last Pass vault entry, if I don’t have any clue of the new password! It only leaves me with the option to click on the “I forgot my password” on the site. Generate another password and remember to copy it. Then, and this is just ridiculous, if Last Pass doesn’t automatically detect the new password this time, I manually updated it in the vault.

And those are my complaints of Last Pass. I still have one HUGE complain. During this process of changing the passwords, I found out that there are sites that handle this request easely, and others that makes it impossible to the user to reach its goal. Some of them let you change the password only if you click on the “I forgot my password”. But there is one site that is thw worst of all. – I mean… they don’t event let you change your password. So I clicked on the forgotten password button, to then realize that they just sent me my password via email. OMG. That is so badly implemented. In fact I made a public complaint in Twitter. But they account is mostly offline.

And I guess that its everything I have to share about my experience. If you feel like asking something, please do.


Miguel Montoya
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No level – End of Week 13

So previously (TO-DO) I committed to doing 3 issues. And sadly I just accomplished 2 of them. According to myself, I completed the two most important issues, and I left the boring and “difficult” to deal with one. And I’m talking to the creation of level 5. I didn’t have time for its development, and it’s also so booooooring and tiring to try and match the size of the figures to the ones I have in mind.

“Undone” from Wayne Stadler (License: Taken from

But now, onto the stuff that I actually did.

The first issue consisted in creating the Mongoose schema to hold the texts that some levels have. It should hold the texts in multiple languages. This part was easy. in fact, it is the shortest schema we have.

The second issue consisted in simply updating the Mongoose schema of levels. This meant only changing the text field with a boolean (Because the text now is held in the level-text document). This was also very easy.

So, what wasn’t easy? The middle ground of this two issues. This consisted in updated the server routes. Make a new route to deliver the text of the level. Make the BD connections for this level to be fetched. Make the HTTP requests from the client to the server. Update the way the level is loaded and decide whether or not a fetch for the texts is needed. And the worst of it was: Updating the level development script so you could modify both the level document and the texts document at the same time.

I realized after doing the issues that I actually didn’t know where one ended and where did the other begin. This is because there was some stuff I needed to develop to test both of the issues. And before fully testing one of them, I needed to test the other, and to do that I needed the middle ground I didn’t know to which issue assign it to.
And that is why I think I should have done 3 issues (one for the middle ground), and then everything would have fitted perfectly. In fact, maybe a fourth issue was needed that would consist in updating everything that we already have (BD, tests and level development), to accept the new format and schemas.

And that is all for now.


Miguel Montoya
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International Game – TO-DO Week 13

Okay, so now I have again stuff to do! Yay! 3 issues to be exact! 2 that I guess i’mgoing to like, and 1 that I must have. This week, and remaining sprint will be focused in incorporating multiple languages to our game. So my 3 issues are mostly related to that.

“Mini Rockefeller Plaza” by Sunny Ripert ( Taken from
  1. Update the level schema and already uploaded levels, so that they have only a boolean property called text. If true, the level loader must get the level data.
  2. Create a new schema, for the level texts. It must contain all the languages for the texts of the level.
  3. A new level. it will be level 5.


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I kinda did a bit – End of Week 12

“IMG_0152” by clement127 (CC BY-NC-ND). From

Okay, so doing the stuff that Gera asked me to do took me like 10 minutes. Which isn’t much, but it was more than what I estimated. I forgot how much time it takes to move stuff in the game window. Instead of giving to coordinates and creating a square using only the diagonal, it asks for the center coordinate, a high and a width, making my space senses go uisndqne… Oh, and to take a bit of initiative, not only I increased the size of the texts, but I also updated the content and added new texts to the level.

I’ve also created and updated some DB scripts. Now we have a remove level script, and there are some comments in most of the scripts to make a more specific query to the DB.

And… yeah…

That’s all for now.

I know this blog is late, and I’m sorry ;-;

Miguel Montoya
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I need something – TO-DO Week 12

I need something to do.

I have no issues.

I’m sad. ب_ب

“Han’s Solo 2/2” by Gerry Dulay (CC BY-NC). From

This time I don’t know what else to do. And I can’t think of any ideas like last week when I did the new enemy.

Gerardo asked me to change the size of the texts in level 1. So I plan to do that. But I mean, that will take me less than 5 minutes to get all the texts to look nice.

I guess I can make some updates to the database. I realized that the level where I implemented the new enemy didn’t make it properly to the DB. So I will get my hand into that.

Well… cheerio.

Miguel Montoya
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Inmortal- End of week 11

So this week I worked in the addition of a new enemy. This enemy is immortal, or at least to our knowledge, it is immune to bullets. This enemy is yellow (As if it was a shield), and those are the only visual differences in of the enemy. Obviously if it can’t be destroyed, it won’t give any points and thus it won’t display any text on hit.
And I would love to show here a little GIF of the enemy, but there are some sound issues that don’t let the game load (Not even an specific level). And I’m not blaming anyone, the issue only appears until devices pulled the repository, not before making the push.

“No Weapons” by Julien (CC BY-NC-ND). From

My teammates worked this week in the sound system (Using, please check our README to see every framework we are using). They also worked regarding the implementation of new walls and objects (I helped a little bit on regarding the Mongoose level schema).