I guess I’ll have to move to India… – WSQ10

So, this guy Joel (With a pretty fine blog), is telling me that in addition to moving to India so I can have a job,  I need to take a microeconomics class, along with all of those boring classes such as: Administration and innovation in the business model. Well Joel, I have to tell you that you are pretty much correct ( ;-; ).

I agree with everything Mr. Spolsky describes. I can also identify myself in the need of practicing more my writing skills, because I consider them really clumsy. Secondly I’ve always thought that every graduate  should have at least some basic knowledge about law, economics and accountability, because I might not know when I will use them, but I am damn sure I will have to, so suffering of boredom might be useful.

Everything else Joel wrote, does not need further comment , because of all the basic sense at least it makes to me.

So… yeah… Joel Spolsky… cool… yeah.

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