Flipped Class WSQ04

I like this way of learning, well, it might be because I really like to investigate and learn on my own way.I like to look and make my own research, I like to get stuck when I don’t understand something and then getting to resolve it all because of my work, and knowing that in class I can ask my teacher and classmates about the things I don’t understand its very recomforting.

I think my teacher is doing a great job, and I think he is on charge of teaching other professors how to give his classes this way. I would like to see more flipped classrooms.

P.D.: That guy from the physics videos indeed is very cool.

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Objects in #WSQ03

“No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly.”(Oscar Wilde)

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I agree to that quote, I started to work on my Puppy class and it looked really nice, but when I reached the point where my knowledge of OOP that I learned in Python ended (Or that I forgot), things got ugly. ;-;

But thank you Codeacademy, Kassab and Ken, I now remeber and can make an OOP basic code.

Screenshot from 2016-01-26 16-12-31

Well, the good thing is that it did work. I know it is very simple, but I guess I have to start with something…

Update: I’ve deleted that Static String name, now I use this.something instead of calling the object inside the object, and the declarations are private.

Also, you can fin my code here.

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WSQ02 and Ubuntu… and Eclipse

I got my Hello World Java program. YAY!!

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You can find my code in GitHub

Well. The difficult thing was getting to install Java in Ubuntu. I didn’t knew how to do anything on a Linux based OS. But thanks nice people on the internet for making a guide I learned to use the terminal. Then, another problem arose, getting to push my code to GitHub, hated it. But again, the Internet and a friend helped me to finally sync Eclipse to GitHub. Woho!


I’ve installed Eclipse on my laptop. I was waiting to make a partition and install Ubuntu   first, but I’ve decided to do it anyways so I could complete the #WSQ01. YAY!

Now I can start working on my Java.


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P.D: I forgot to install my JDK, so my previous statement was false D: . But now… I have all the power of the world, which I have 0 idea about how to use it, but nevertheless: ALL THE POWER!!